Depression and anxiety

Ayurveda recognizes that many physiological and environmental factors can contribute to depression and anxiety, including poor diet, weak digestion and metabolism, a hectic lifestyle, and numerous environmental factors. Symptoms of depression and anxiety can also be triggered by excessive mental and physical stress. All of these contributors can result in an accumulation of impurities and imbalances that interfere with the body’s natural biological rhythms.  Ayurvedic massage therapies are a 100% safe and proven treatment for such mental disorders. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief Yoga is one of the most talked-about solutions. The role of yoga in stress management is truly undisputable. It’s nothing but a form of meditation that involves physical postures, controlled breathing, and relaxation to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.


This involves using massage oils for stress relief that help calm the nervous system, rejuvenate tissues, and help attain deep consciousness


This process involves allowing fluids to drip continuously on the forehead of a person lying in a horizontal position. There exist two variations:

*Thaila dhara (using oil)

*Thakra dhara (using medicated buttermilk)


This process involves retaining medicated oil on one’s head using an elongated cap


The process of nourishment of the nervous tissue by application of a medicated paste on a head

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