Recurrent Tonsillitis in Children and adults – Ayurvedic treatment options

Tonsillitis is a very troublesome problem especially in children. It not only affects the health but also has great psychological influence on child as the recurrent infection leads to missed school which leads to further problems. The child is also not able to thrive as he should.

Recurrent tonsillitis implies use of stronger and stronger antibiotics which are no longer helpful but are responsible for more severe and resistant infection later.  Nature has given us natural anti-biotics in the form of Tulsi and natural immunity enahancing herbs like Amla. Swarn basant malti ras is an ancient ayurvedic preparation for improving immunity.
1. Gargles with alum  or Warm Saline water , or histidine gargles before sleeping at night, .. toothbrushing at night…before sleep.. is must
2. Kuka tablets – to be sucked / chewed – 2 tablets 3-4 times a day.. he will like the taste. More can be consumed if the condition is chronic and severe.

3. Cap. Curcumin – 1 capsule twice daily in children. The content of the capsule can be opened in a spoon and the extracts are mixed with 1 teaspoonful of honey and given to the child.

4. Cap. Amla Rasayan –  1 capsule twice daily ( open the ingredients, and give with honey) – this improves immunity – Give for about 3 months
5. Cap. Tulsi –  Same way as Amla Rasayan capsules  – Give for 3 months to clear all the infection.
6. Tablet Swarn Basant Malti Ras – 1 tablet once daily x 3 months ( improves immunity )

The dosage of Amla and Tulsi is for children. If any adult suffers from Recurrent tonsillitis. The dosage can be 2 capsules thrice daily in cases of adults.

All these tulsi, amla, curcumin ( Haldi) used together give excellent results in fighting recurrent tonsillitis and preventing viral, bacterial attacks. These also help to boost the immunity and improve overall health.

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